A feature of an abscess is the presence of a pyogenic membrane – the inner wall of a purulent cavity created by the tissues surrounding the focus of inflammation (a manifestation of a normal protective reaction of the body). The pyogenic membrane is lined with granulation tissue, it delimits the purulent-necrotic process and produces exudate.

With superficially located abscesses, local manifestations are characterized by classic signs of inflammation (redness, swelling, pain, local fever, dysfunction), sometimes swelling is determined. Pre-tuberculous pus often spreads along the interstitial fissures far from the place of initial occurrence (for example, on the medial surface of the thigh), forming a sintered abscess (leakage).

General clinical manifestations of an abscess are typical for pyo-inflammatory processes of any localization: an increase in body temperature from subfebrile to 41 ° (in severe cases), general malaise, weakness, loss of appetite, headache. In the blood, it is noted with neutrophilia and a shift of the leukocyte formula to the left. ESR is usually increased. The degree of these changes depends on the severity of the pathological process. In the clinical picture of an abscess of various organs, there are specific signs due to the localization of the process

Differential diagnosis is carried out with a hematoma, cyst, disintegrating sytum.

The diagnosis of an abscess is an indication for surgery, the purpose of which (regardless of the localization of the process) is to open the purulent cavity, empty it and drain it. Treatment of small superficial abscesses of the subcutaneous tissue is carried out on an outpatient basis. The operation can be performed under local infiltration anesthesia with a solution of novocaine.

Treatment after opening an abscess is the same as the treatment of purulent wounds. Patients are provided with a full-fledged balanced diet, they may be shown transfusion of blood products, blood substitutes. Antibiotics are prescribed taking into account the sensitivity of the microflora to them. They use means of specific therapy – new toxoid, specific gamma globulin.

The prognosis for timely treatment of superficially located abscesses, easily accessible for surgery, is favorable in most cases. With a late operation, inadequate drainage of the abscess, the process may become chronic and the infection generalized. The source for this article is alexapotek.com

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