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SKU: ESN-000482 EAN: 040102644801

Andis - Ceramic Edge Blade Size 000 #64480

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Discover the superior craftsmanship of the Andis Ceramic Edge Blade Size 000 (#64480), designed to transform your clipping experience. This premium blade facilitates extremely close trimming and fading, cutting hair to a minimum of 1/50th of an inch (0.5mm). It incorporates advanced ceramic technology that not only keeps the blade cooler during use, but also helps to maintain its sharpness for longer, making it ideal for frequent use.

Manufactured from high quality carbonised steel, the Andis Ceramic Edge Blade is designed for durability and long-lasting performance. Compatible with a wide range of clippers, including the Andis AG, AGC, BDC, BG, DBLC, FHC, MBG and SMC series, as well as other A5 compatible clippers, it is a versatile addition to your grooming kit. The detachable design allows for easy cleaning and quick replacement, improving workflow efficiency.

Key Features:
  • Advanced ceramic cutting technology significantly reduces blade heating.
  • Delivers an ultra-close cut of 1/50th of an inch (0.5mm), ideal for detailed styling.
  • Constructed from carbonised steel for maximum durability and performance.
  • Easily removable for hassle-free maintenance and quick replacement.
  • Compatible with a wide range of Andis clippers and other A5 models.
  • Designed for heavy duty use, ensuring durability and reliability.

Safety information:
Ensure the clipper is switched off and unplugged before attaching or removing the blade. Clean and oil the blade regularly to maintain optimum performance. Avoid dropping to avoid chipping or breaking the ceramic.

Ideal for:
Professional hairdressers and stylists who demand precision and durability from their grooming tools. Also suitable for pet groomers who require fine detail and smooth trimming for a variety of coat types.

How to use:
Attach the blade to your compatible Andis clipper. Make sure it clicks securely into place. For best results, oil the blade before and after each use to minimise friction and prevent overheating. When finished, remove the blade and clean using standard clipper blade maintenance procedures.

Technical Details:
Product Code: 64480
Blade Type: Ceramic Edge
Size: 000
Cut length: 0.5mm
Compatibility: Andis AG, AGC, BDC, BG, DBLC, FHC, MBG, SMC; A5 compatible clippers
Construction: Carbon steel
Features: Detachable, cooler operation, improved sharpness retention
Connection: Detachable for easy maintenance
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Andis - Ceramic Edge Blade Size 000 #64480 - Eson Direct
Andis - Ceramic Edge Blade Size 000 #64480 Sale price£38.99 GBP