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Gabri - Disinfectant Jar Small (621 ML)

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Prioritise hygiene and professionalism with the Gabri - Disinfectant Jar.Designed for salon and hairdressing use, this stylish jar provides a safe and efficient way to disinfect and sanitise your essential tools.Its classic glass construction and stainless steel accents complement any salon décor while ensuring durability and corrosion resistance.

Experience convenient sanitising with features such as a removable stainless steel basket for easy tool retrieval and a non-slip base for added stability.Ideal for disinfecting a variety of tools including combs, clippers, scissors and other salon equipment, the Gabri - Disinfectant Jar is an essential accessory for maintaining a clean and safe working environment.

Key Features
  • Hygienic sanitisation: Effectively disinfects and sterilises your tools, ensuring a clean and safe environment for you and your clients.
  • Stainless steel construction: Durable, corrosion resistant design ensures long life.
  • Removable basket: Allows easy insertion and removal of tools from the disinfectant solution.
  • Non-slip base: Prevents accidental spillage and keeps the container securely in place on your workbench.
  • Stylish glass design: Complements any salon or barbershop décor with a classic, professional aesthetic.
  • Versatile Use: Suitable for disinfecting a wide range of grooming, beauty and salon tools.

Safety Information:
Use with appropriate disinfectant solutions and follow all safety instructions provided by the disinfectant manufacturer.

Ideal for:
Professional barbers and hairdressers who value hygiene and a clean working environment.
Beauty salons and spas looking for an effective way to disinfect and sanitise tools.
Nail technicians who need a reliable container for sterilising manicure and pedicure tools.
Home users who want to ensure that their grooming tools are properly disinfected.

How to use
Fill the jar with your preferred disinfectant solution according to the manufacturer's instructions.
Place the tools in the removable stainless steel basket and immerse in the solution.
Follow the disinfectant manufacturer's instructions for the appropriate immersion time.
Carefully remove tools from the basket and rinse if required by the disinfectant instructions.

Product dimensions:
UK: 10cm (W) x 16cm (H)
US: 3.94in (W) x 6.3in (H)
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Gabri - Disinfectant Jar Small (621 ML)
Gabri - Disinfectant Jar Small (621 ML) Sale price£10.99 GBP


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