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Morfose - Hair Cream 5000ml

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Discover the natural secret to beautiful, manageable hair with Morfose Herbal Hair Cream, available in a generous 5000ml salon size. This premium conditioner blends the finest botanical extracts to deeply nourish and revitalise every strand from root to tip. It's specially formulated to restore natural moisture balance and improve overall hair health, leaving hair silky, shiny and easy to manage.

Morfose Herbal Hair Cream is perfect for those looking for a natural solution to tame frizz and prevent tangling. Its rich, paraben-free formula is gentle on the scalp yet effective enough to smooth frizz and provide the ultimate detangling experience. Ideal for daily use, it helps maintain vibrant, healthy-looking hair, making it an essential product for both salon and home use.

Key features
  • Enriched with botanical extracts for deep conditioning.
  • Paraben-free formula suitable for sensitive scalps.
  • Promotes moisture retention and hair health
  • Controls frizz and facilitates easy styling.
  • Ideal for all hair types, improves manageability and shine.
  • Large 5000ml size perfect for salon or home use.

Vegetarian & Allergy Information
This product is vegetarian friendly and formulated without any known allergens to provide a safe, gentle experience for all users.

Safety Information
Avoid contact with eyes. In case of contact, rinse thoroughly with water. Patch testing is recommended for sensitive skin.

Ideal for
Ideal for those seeking a natural, effective solution for maintaining healthy, manageable hair. Suitable for all hair types, especially those with sensitive scalps or a tendency to frizz.

How to use
Apply Morfose Hair Cream to clean, damp hair. Gently massage into hair and scalp. Leave for several minutes to deeply condition before rinsing thoroughly.

Water, Cetearyl Alcohol, Botanical Extracts (Aloe Vera, Chamomile, Nettle), Cetrimonium Chloride, Argan Oil, Fragrance.

Top notes
Herbal and floral notes of chamomile and nettle extracts provide a fresh, soothing aroma that enhances the conditioning experience.
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Morfose - Hair Cream 5000ml
Morfose - Hair Cream 5000ml Sale price£12.49 GBP

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