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Morfose - Oxidant Cream 30 Volume 4000ml

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Unleash the full potential of your hair colour with Morfose - Oxidant Cream %9 30 Volume. Designed for professional use, this developer helps achieve high lift colour and noticeable lift effects with ease. Its creamy formula ensures an even and smooth application, maximising colour penetration and vibrancy for stunning, long-lasting results.

Take your colour technique to the next level with this powerful 30 volume developer. It provides the necessary lift for bold transformations, making it perfect for dramatic colour changes or achieving lighter shades on darker bases. Compatible with a range of hair colour brands, it offers versatility for use in different colouring processes, including full head highlights, balayage and highlights.

Key features
  • Provides 2-3 levels of lift, perfect for larger colour changes
  • Enhances pigment removal for clearer, lighter tones.
  • Creamy consistency for even application and optimum mixing stability.
  • Formulated to work with both Morfose colour lines and other brands.
  • Designed for safety and efficacy in professional hair bleaching and colouring.
  • Large sizes (1000ml, 4000ml) ideal for salon use.

Vegetarian & Allergy Information
This product is free from ingredients of animal origin and is suitable for vegetarians and vegans. It does not contain common allergens such as nuts, gluten or soya, making it safe for use by those with these sensitivities.

Safety information
Ensure that all safety guidelines for handling and use are followed. Avoid contact with eyes, in case of contact rinse immediately with plenty of water. Wear suitable gloves during application to protect hands from irritation.

Ideal for
This product is ideal for professional hairdressers and stylists looking for a reliable developer for bleaching or high-lift colouring. It's particularly suitable for those looking to achieve dramatic colour changes or effectively lighten dark bases.

How to use
Mix Morfose Oxidant Cream 30 Volume with hair colour or bleach powder according to the recommended ratio. Apply evenly to the areas where lightening or colour change is desired. Process according to the dye or bleach instructions and rinse thoroughly.

Key Ingredients
Key ingredients include hydrogen peroxide (oxidising agent) and stabilisers to maintain efficacy during application. Enriched with conditioning agents to minimise potential hair damage during the colouring process.

Top Notes
Characterised by its strong oxidising properties that help to effectively and safely achieve the desired lift and colour intensity.
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Morfose - Oxidant Cream 30 Volume 4000ml
Morfose - Oxidant Cream 30 Volume 4000ml Sale price£11.99 GBP

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