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Stylance - Automatic Vacuum Hair Suction Dustbin Infrared Sensor 1400W

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Transform your salon's cleaning routine with the Stylance Automatic Vacuum Hair Suction Dustbin. This state-of-the-art machine is designed to make sweeping a thing of the past. With its powerful 1400W motor and advanced infrared sensors, it automatically detects and vacuums hair, dust and debris from your floors, keeping your workspace spotless throughout the day. The Stylance is a game changer for busy salons, providing an efficient and effective way to maintain cleanliness without disrupting your work.

Step into a cleaner, healthier salon environment with Stylance's smart technology. Its HEPA filtration system captures fine particles and allergens and recirculates fresh, clean air back into your room. The vacuum's sleek design blends seamlessly into any salon or barbershop décor, while its large 2.7 litre capacity minimises the need for frequent emptying. With Stylance, you can focus more on your clients and less on cleaning, thanks to user-friendly automatic and manual control options that adapt to your specific needs at any time.

Key Features

  • Infrared sensors automatically detect hair and debris and activate the powerful vacuum for efficient, hands-free cleaning.
  • Equipped with a robust 1400W motor that delivers powerful suction to effortlessly clean floors of hair, dust and other debris.
  • Features HEPA filtration to capture dust particles and allergens, improving salon air quality.
  • Offers a large 2.7 litre bin capacity, reducing the frequency of emptying.
  • Sleek, modern design that easily blends into any professional salon or barbershop environment.
  • Offers flexible control settings, including automatic, manual and off modes, for customised cleaning.

Safety Information
Ensure appliance is switched off and unplugged when not in use or during maintenance. Do not use on wet surfaces to avoid electrical hazards. Check and clean the HEPA filter regularly to maintain optimum performance and air quality. Keep the vacuum cleaner away from water and store in a dry area.

Ideal for
The Stylance Automatic Vacuum is perfect for high-traffic salons and barbershops where cleanliness and efficiency are paramount. It is particularly suitable for professionals who are looking for a hygienic, hassle-free solution to maintaining pristine floor conditions, allowing them to focus on providing excellent service rather than cleaning.

How to use
Place the Stylance in a strategic area of your salon where it will effectively cover the most traffic. Switch on the machine using the simple control panel, selecting either automatic or manual mode according to your current needs. Let the vacuum work on its own in automatic mode or use manual mode for targeted cleaning. Empty the bin as required, usually when full or after a busy day's use.

Technical details
Power: 1400 watts
Motor: High efficiency 1400 watt motor
Sensor: Infrared detection technology
Filtration: HEPA filter system
Container capacity: 2.7 litres
Control modes: Automatic, Manual, Off
Design: Sleek, professional look
Suitability: Ideal for hard floors such as tile, wood and vinyl

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Stylance - Automatic Vacuum Hair Suction Dustbin Infrared Sensor 1400W
Stylance - Automatic Vacuum Hair Suction Dustbin Infrared Sensor 1400W Sale price£139.99 GBP

Customer Reviews

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clifa vaz
Very reliable

When the salon is busy with back to back hair appointments this is very quickly and reliable to clear the hair which is on floor.
You don’t waste time cleaning the hair and Brooming or sweeping around the whole salon.