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Everything About Turkish Barbers History

    EVERYTHING ABOUT TURKISH BARBERS Working as a barber in Turkey At the time of the Ottoman Empire, anybody who wanted to be a barber had to pass a series of very tough practical exams. A man that decided to become a barber would first be tested by his neighbours to measure his composure […]


Growing a long Beard is pretty simple. Step one: grow facial hair. Step two: take care of it. How long will growing a beard take? It depends. Everyone has a genetically determined maximun growth rate but there are ways to ensure you reach your potential. How to make a beard grow faster? You can use […]

Treatment Tips for Dry Hair

Let’s start with some treatment tips for dry hair; Your hair can become dry due to air pollution, sea, sun or many other reasons. In such times, you can use hair care masks or hot oil treatments to prevent the proliferation of fractures, soften and shine your hair. If you are looking for a faster […]