The Story of Turkish Lemon Cologne (Limon Kolonyası)

If you’ve ever been to a Turkish Barbers then the familiar soothing aroma of Turkish lemon cologne will probably be a familiar one. We get a lot of customers asking us “what is that lemon smell in a Turkish Barbers?!” – the answer: Lemon Cologne – or Limon Kolonya. Seen as an essential in every Turkish household as a unisex fresher-upper – such is the popularity of lemon cologne that people have been known to pass it around in public venues such as trains & buses – helping to combat hot summer days. The familiar scent is well recognised and conjures up an almost nostalgic effect for those who have ever lived in or even visited Turkey.

Fonex Lemon Cologne comes in a whopping 5 Litres – ideal for barbers & salons alike!

With a history that stretches back to the times on the Ottoman Empire, Lemon Cologne is a tradition that has long been upheld in the region, with a wealth of varieties and brands now producing the cologne in contemporary Turkey as well as further afield. Eson Direct strives to bring you the best: offering you the finest of Lemon Colognes from #Gummy, #Fonex & #Duru respectively. 

Gummy Lemon Cologne is available in a handy 150ml spray

With such a wealth of history and tradition behind the Cologne it has inevitably carved out a niche of being an old-school cure-all for minor ailments in Turkey – from headaches to dizziness the cologne is a household treatment. On top of this, it can also double as a cleaner & disinfectant thanks to its antibacterial properties – and the iconic scent leaves the home not only clean but also with a heavenly, long-lasting aroma!

We sell the iconic Duru Lemon Cologne Kolonya in bundles for convenience!

Wherever you go in Turkey you’ll be greeted by Lemon Cologne in just about every supermarket & pharmacy – so let Eson Direct bring a taste of Turkey to you and order one of our Lemon Colognes today – delivery is free!

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