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SKU: ESN-000484 EAN: 040102741104

Andis - GTX EXO Cordless Gold GTX Z Replacement Blade #74110

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Enhance your cutting technique with the Andis GTX EXO Cordless Gold GTX Z Replacement Blade. This high-end blade integrates seamlessly with your Andis GTX EXO Cordless trimmer, ensuring flawless compatibility and performance. Finished with a luxurious, corrosion-resistant gold coating, it is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also offers enhanced durability. The blade's deep tooth configuration feeds more hair into the cutting path for a smoother, more efficient trim every time.

This replacement blade's zero-gap capability is perfect for stylists looking to achieve ultra-close cuts without irritating the skin, making it ideal for detailed line work and intricate designs. A pre-set narrower gap provides additional precision, facilitating the fine detailing and perfect contouring required for the highest aesthetic results. Each blade is a genuine Andis product, guaranteeing the professional quality and high performance stylists expect from their grooming tools.

Key Features:
  • Custom gold coating resists corrosion for a sleek, professional look.
  • Deep tooth blade design increases cutting efficiency by feeding more hair.
  • Features zero-gap capability for ultra-close, precise cuts.
  • Pre-set narrower gap is perfect for detailed and intricate designs.
  • Genuine Andis replacement ensures optimum compatibility and performance.
  • Designed specifically for the Andis GTX EXO cordless trimmer for seamless use.

Safety Information:
For safe operation, make sure the trimmer is turned off before attempting to replace the blade. Handle the blade with care to avoid cuts and secure it firmly during installation to prevent slippage during use. Do not use the blade on irritated or broken skin to avoid further skin damage.

Ideal for:
This blade is perfect for professional stylists and barbers who specialise in precision cuts and detailed designs. It is particularly suitable for those who require a reliable, sharp tool that delivers clean lines and detailed work on a variety of hair types, including intricate graphics and fades close to the skin.

How to use:
To install the blade, switch off and unplug your Andis GTX EXO trimmer. Remove the existing blade, align the replacement blade and secure with the supplied screws. Make sure the blade is properly aligned for the Zero Gap setting, if desired. Test the trimmer on a small section of hair to confirm the setting is correct before full use.

Technical Details:
Product Code: 74110
Blade Type: Gold plated corrosion resistant
Compatibility: Andis GTX EXO cordless trimmer
Design Features: Deep tooth, zero gap capability, pre-set narrower gap
Installation: Interchangeable, Screw fixing
Use: Suitable for dry cutting
Maintenance: Clean regularly, oil blades before use
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