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SKU: ESN-000485 EAN: 040102050503

Andis - Master Cordless Li Ceramic Replacement Blade #05050

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Take your styling to the next level with the Andis Master Cordless Li Ceramic Replacement Blade. Made with advanced ceramic technology, this blade offers a cooler cutting experience compared to traditional steel, making it ideal for continuous use without discomfort. Its superior hardness means the edge stays sharper for longer, reducing the frequency of replacement and maintaining optimum performance throughout its life. The ceramic material minimises friction for smoother cuts and less irritation, perfect for sensitive skin.

Designed specifically for professional use, this replacement blade is adjustable from 1/50" to 3/32" (0.5mm to 2.4mm), providing versatility for a variety of styling needs from detailed trimming to bulk hair cutting. The #22 tooth configuration ensures efficient and precise cuts, enhancing the overall trimming experience. As a genuine Andis replacement, it guarantees compatibility and performance with your Andis Master Cordless Li Trimmer, ensuring that every cut is made with precision and ease. This blade is an essential tool for professionals looking for reliability and quality in their grooming equipment.

Key Features:
  • Features advanced ceramic technology for cooler, smoother cuts.
  • Stays sharper longer than traditional steel blades for increased durability.
  • Adjustable cutting length for versatile styling options.
  • #22 tooth design ensures efficient and precise cutting performance.
  • Perfectly compatible with the Andis Master Cordless Li Trimmer.
  • Designed for professional hairdressers and stylists for the ultimate cutting experience.

Safety Information:
Ensure that the trimmer is switched off and disconnected from all power sources before attempting to replace the blade. Handle the blade with care to avoid injury from sharp edges. Clean and oil the blade regularly to maintain performance and longevity. Do not use the blade on wet hair to avoid premature dulling.

Ideal for:
This ceramic replacement blade is ideal for professional hairdressers and stylists who demand precision, efficiency and durability from their tools. It is particularly suitable for those who perform a lot of detailed work and require a blade that delivers consistently clean cuts without overheating or causing skin irritation.

How to use:
Disconnect your Andis Master Cordless Li Trimmer from the mains. Remove the existing blade by loosening the screws and gently pulling the blade away from the trimmer. Align the new ceramic blade and secure with the screws. Adjust the blade to the desired length setting before turning the trimmer on and starting to cut. Ensure the blade is clean and oiled before use to maximise performance.

Technical Details:
Product Code: 05050
Blade material: Ceramic
Compatible with: Andis Master Cordless Li Trimmer
Cutting Length: Adjustable from 1/50" to 3/32" (0.5mm to 2.4mm)
Tooth Configuration: Size #22
Features: Cooler operation, longer lasting sharpness, genuine Andis product
Installation: Replaceable, secured with screws
Maintenance: Clean and oil regularly
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Andis - Master Cordless Li Ceramic Replacement Blade #05050 - Eson Direct
Andis - Master Cordless Li Ceramic Replacement Blade #05050 Sale price£52.99 GBP