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Gabri - Lantern Style Classic Barber Pole Floor Digital Led Light (Black Rotating Illuminating Stripes) 1.8m

Sale price£349.99 GBP
Discover the perfect blend of tradition and innovation with the Gabri Lantern Style Classic Barber Pole Floor Digital LED Light. Standing an impressive 1.8 metres tall, this lantern style floor light transforms the iconic barber pole into a striking work of art that captures the essence of classic barbering while embracing modern digital technology. The vibrant LEDs illuminate the traditional red, white and blue stripes, ensuring your business is boldly displayed day and night. Ideal for salons looking to make a lasting impression, this distinctive sign will attract both regulars and newcomers with its unique charm and professional promise.

Attract customers with an unmistakable landmark; the Gabri Lantern Style Barber Pole is not just a sign, but a statement of quality and style. Constructed from durable metals and PVC, it can withstand the elements and is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. Energy efficient LED lighting ensures the pole remains a bright beacon of welcome without the high energy costs typically associated with traditional lighting. Easy to install and robustly weatherproof, it offers a hassle-free solution to enhancing your shop front. A sophisticated nod to the past, this lantern style pole is the perfect complement to the modern, style-conscious hairdressing salon.

Key Features
  • Unique lantern inspired design: Attracts attention with its sleek, floor-standing profile, reminiscent of vintage streetlamps.
  • Bright LED lighting: Bright, energy-efficient LEDs illuminate classic red, white and blue stripes for high visibility and low running costs.
  • Weatherproof durability: Robust construction ensures reliable performance both indoors and outdoors, whatever the weather.
  • Easy installation: Supplied with all the necessary components for straightforward installation, with two switches for separate control of rotation and light.
  • Efficient operation: LED lights provide significant energy savings, while the 50 RPM rotation speed mimics the traditional barber pole movement.
  • Versatile colour options: Available in Black, Bronze & Black and Bronze & Copper with illuminated stripes, allowing customisation to match your salon's aesthetic.

Safety Information
Ensure the pole is securely mounted on a stable surface to prevent overturning. Regular maintenance checks are recommended to ensure structural integrity and functionality. Keep electrical components dry and clean to avoid potential hazards.

Ideal for
This barber pole is ideal for barbershop owners who value both aesthetics and functionality. It is particularly suitable for establishments that wish to enhance their traditional appeal with a modern twist, attracting a wide range of clientele with its prominent and stylish display.

How to use
Place the barber pole on a flat, stable surface where it can be easily seen by passers-by.
Connect the pole to a power source using the supplied electrical components, observing local safety regulations.
Use the remote control to select and adjust the LED lighting modes and rotation speed to suit different times of day or promotional needs.
Clean the LED strips and outer housing regularly to maintain optimum brightness and appeal.

Technical Details
Height: 180cm
Diameter: 40cm
Lighting type: LED
Construction materials: Metal and PVC
Power requirements: Wired, low power consumption
Operating features: Dual switch operation for light and rotation, 50 RPM rotation speed
Colour variations: Black, Bronze & Black, Bronze & Copper
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Gabri - Lantern Style Classic Barber Pole Floor Digital Led Light (Black Rotating Illuminating Stripes) 1.8m
Gabri - Lantern Style Classic Barber Pole Floor Digital Led Light (Black Rotating Illuminating Stripes) 1.8m Sale price£349.99 GBP


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