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Gamma+ - Cyborg Hair Trimmer Digital Brushless Motor Cordless

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Experience cutting-edge precision with the Gamma+ Cyborg Hair Trimmer, a top choice for professionals seeking exceptional performance and detailed styling. Equipped with a state-of-the-art digital brushless motor, this trimmer runs at up to 7,500 rpm, delivering speed and efficiency without the noise or vibration of lesser models. The sturdy all-metal body enhances comfort and provides a stable, secure grip, essential for precise, intricate cuts and effortless, prolonged use.

Designed to maximise control and visibility, the Gamma+ Cyborg features a recessed grip and an innovative skeleton design for unparalleled precision in tight spaces and detailed work. It comes with two premium blades, the X-Pro Wide and The One DLC, offering versatility for a variety of cutting styles. The Zero-Gap feature ensures ultra-close cuts, ideal for sharp lines and fine details. With three hours of cordless runtime and a universal USB-C charging port, this trimmer is designed for lasting performance and convenience, making it an essential tool in any stylist's kit.

Key Features:

  • Digital brushless motor delivers powerful, efficient trimming at up to 7,500 rpm
  • Heavy duty metal construction for ergonomic comfort and enhanced control.
  • Skeleton design increases visibility and precision for detailed styling.
  • Equipped with X-Pro Wide and The One DLC blades for versatile cutting options.
  • Zero-Gap adjustment for the closest, sharpest cuts.
  • Offers three hours of cordless runtime with a convenient LED battery indicator.

Safety Information
Ensure the trimmer is switched off before cleaning or adjusting the blades. Avoid exposure to water to prevent damage to electrical components. Check the charger and cable regularly for wear and replace if damaged. Store in a dry, safe place when not in use.

Ideal for
The Gamma+ Cyborg Hair Trimmer is ideal for professional hairdressers and stylists who demand precision, versatility and reliability from their grooming tools. Its advanced features and ergonomic design also make it ideal for those looking to achieve salon quality results in the comfort of their own home.

How to use
Fully charge the trimmer before first use. Select the required blade and attach it securely. Switch on using the power button. For best results, use short, even strokes to trim hair. If necessary, adjust the Zero Gap function for tighter cuts. After use, clean the blades and housing with the supplied brush and place the trimmer in the docking station to charge.

Technical Details
Motor: Digital brushless, up to 7,500rpm
Battery type: Lithium-ion
Run time: 3 hours cordless
Charging: USB-C and docking station
Blades: X-Pro Wide, The One DLC
Construction: Full metal body, skeletal structure

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Gamma+ - Cyborg Hair Trimmer Digital Brushless Motor Cordless
Gamma+ - Cyborg Hair Trimmer Digital Brushless Motor Cordless Sale price£230.99 GBP