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Kiepe - 2119 Academy Series Thinning Scissors 6 Inch (16cm)

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Introducing the Kiepe 2119 Academy Series Thinning Scissors, the ultimate tool for both aspiring and experienced stylists looking to refine their thinning and texturising techniques. These 6" scissors are equipped with 28 precision teeth, ideal for effectively removing bulk while seamlessly blending hair. The design ensures that each cut is clean and controlled, providing a flawless finish without compromising the length or integrity of the hair. Ideal for creating versatile styles, these scissors are an essential part of any stylist's arsenal.

Crafted from the finest ice-tempered stainless steel, the Kiepe 2119 Scissors offer unmatched durability and sharpness, maintaining their cutting precision through countless uses. The blades are specifically designed to handle all hair types, from fine to thick, allowing for detailed work on any client. The regular handle design, coupled with a tailored ergonomic fit, ensures comfort and reduces hand fatigue, allowing stylists to perform at their best during long sessions. These features combine to make the Kiepe 2119 not just a tool, but an extension of the stylist's own hand.

Key Features:

  • Precision thinning: 28 evenly spaced teeth for optimal bulk removal and fine texturing.
  • High quality construction: Made from ice-tempered stainless steel for lasting sharpness and performance.
  • Ergonomic Comfort: Designed with regular grips to minimise wrist and hand strain during extended use.
  • Adaptable to all hair types: Ideal for a variety of hair textures, offering flexibility in styling preferences.
  • Professional Design: Classic aesthetics complement advanced functionality, suitable for salon and home use.
  • Italian Craftsmanship: Proudly made in Italy, ensuring premium quality and reliability.

Safety Information:
Handle with care as edges are extremely sharp. Regular maintenance is recommended, including cleaning and oiling the blades to keep them in optimal condition. Store in a safe, dry place to prevent accidents and protect the integrity of the blades.

Ideal for
This tool is perfect for professional stylists and beauty students who require reliable, sharp and efficient thinning scissors for daily use. It's also ideal for home stylists who want to expand their personal hair care toolkit with a professional-grade tool for advanced hair styling.

How to use
Start with clean, dry or slightly damp hair.
Section the hair and determine the amount of volume to be removed.
Use the thinning scissors to cut at an angle parallel to the direction of hair growth to blend and texture.
Adjust the thinning screw as needed for comfort and control.
Clean and dry the scissors after each use to maintain sharpness and prevent rust.

Technical Details:
Blade length: 16 cm (6 inches)
Teeth: 28 precision teeth
Material: High grade, ice-hardened stainless steel
Handle design: Regular, ergonomic
Product Code: 2119
Origin: Made in Italy

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Kiepe - 2119 Academy Series Thinning Scissors 6 Inch (16cm)
Kiepe - 2119 Academy Series Thinning Scissors 6 Inch (16cm) Sale price£15.99 GBP

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