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Kiepe - 2231 Thinning Scissor Relax-Th Ergonemic 38 Teeth 5.5 Inch (14cm)

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Experience professional thinning with the Kiepe 2231 Relax-Th Thinning Scissors. Ideal for stylists and enthusiasts alike, these 5.5" scissors feature a 38-tooth design that allows for precise volume control and texture adjustment. The ergonomic handle and balanced weight distribution ensure comfort and minimise fatigue during extended use.

Take your styling to the next level with the Kiepe 2231 Relax-TH Thinning Scissors. Crafted from premium carbon-chrome stainless steel and ice-hardened for durability, these scissors retain their sharpness for consistent, high-quality results. The micro-serrated edge grips hair securely for precise, clean cuts that enhance texture and reduce bulk effortlessly.

Key Features:

  • Ergonomically designed to reduce wrist strain and increase comfort during long cutting sessions
  • Features 38 teeth with a 40% cutting ratio for effective bulk removal and texture enhancement.
  • Constructed from high quality carbon chrome stainless steel for long-lasting sharpness.
  • Ice-hardened blades for durability and consistent performance.
  • Micro-serrated cutting edge prevents hair from slipping and ensures precise, clean cuts.
  • Removable stoppers and adjustable finger rest for personalised comfort.

Safety Information:
Ensure scissors are used as intended for hair thinning and styling purposes only. Keep out of the reach of children to prevent injury. Clean and lubricate regularly to maintain optimum performance. Avoid dropping to protect blade alignment and finish.

Ideal for
The Kiepe 2231 is perfect for professional hairdressers and stylists looking for precision and comfort. It is also ideal for beauty school students and home users looking to improve their styling techniques with salon quality tools.

How to use
Hold the scissors comfortably, insert hair between the blades and make a cut. The ergonomic design supports a natural hand position. Use the micro-serrated blades to grip and thin sections evenly without pulling the hair. Clean and oil the blades regularly to maintain smooth operation.

Technical Details:
Size: 14cm (5.5")
Product Code: 2231
Made in: Italy
Suitable for: Right and left handers
Technical cut: Designed for thinning and texturing hair

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Kiepe - 2231 Thinning Scissor Relax-Th Ergonemic 38 Teeth 5.5 Inch (14cm)
Kiepe - 2231 Thinning Scissor Relax-Th Ergonemic 38 Teeth 5.5 Inch (14cm) Sale price£30.99 GBP

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