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Morfose - Ossion Fresh Massage Hair Tonic 250ml

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Revitalise your hair care regime with Morfose Ossion Fresh Massage Hair Tonic, an innovative tonic designed to strengthen and invigorate your hair and scalp. Formulated with pro-vitamins and cooling menthol, this tonic nourishes the scalp while promoting healthy hair growth. Regular use results in hair that is not only stronger, but also silky to the touch, with a natural shine that enhances your overall hair health. Its refreshing formula is perfect for maintaining a healthy scalp environment, balancing oil production and effortlessly removing dead skin cells.

Step into a new era of hair vitality with Morfose Ossion Fresh Massage Hair Tonic. This product's key ingredients, including pro-vitamins and menthol, provide essential nutrients that invigorate and refresh the scalp, resulting in improved hair texture and reduced hair fall. The cooling sensation of menthol stimulates the scalp, improving circulation and hair follicle stimulation. Enjoy the dual benefits of a nourishing scalp treatment and a growth-enhancing hair tonic, all designed to leave your hair feeling soft, manageable and shiny.

Key features:
  • Enriched with provitamins to deeply nourish the scalp and increase hair strength.
  • Menthol provides a cooling and refreshing scalp sensation that invigorates.
  • Promotes a healthy scalp environment by balancing oil and removing dead cells.
  • Leaves hair feeling silky, smooth and full of natural shine.
  • Promotes healthy hair growth and actively reduces hair loss.
  • Ideal for daily use to maintain optimal scalp health and hair vitality.

Vegetarian & Allergy Information:
This product is vegetarian and vegan friendly, contains no ingredients of animal origin and is free from common allergens such as gluten and nuts, ensuring suitability for a wide range of users with dietary restrictions and sensitive scalps.

Safety information:
For external use only. Avoid contact with eyes; if contact occurs, rinse thoroughly with water. Formulated to be safe for daily use, this tonic meets stringent safety standards and contains no harmful chemicals.

Ideal for:
Morfose Ossion Fresh Massage Hair Tonic is ideal for those with thinning hair, lacklustre hair or those who frequently style their hair. It is particularly beneficial for those looking to improve scalp health and promote hair strength and growth.

How to use:
Apply directly to the scalp. Use fingertips to gently massage the tonic into the scalp. Do not rinse. Use regularly for best results.

Water, menthol, pro-vitamin B5, alcohol, propylene glycol, fragrance, panthenol.

Top notes:
The cooling sensation of menthol paired with the nourishing properties of pro-vitamin B5 characterise the top notes, providing a refreshing and revitalising experience for the scalp and hair.
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Morfose - Ossion Fresh Massage Hair Tonic 250ml
Morfose - Ossion Fresh Massage Hair Tonic 250ml Sale price£5.99 GBP

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