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Morgan's - Beard Large Fade Brush

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Achieve perfect grooming with Morgan's Beard Fade Brush, designed to master the art of beard maintenance. This military-style brush features a mix of natural and synthetic bristles tailored to suit all beard textures. Whether you have a thick, curly beard or fine, straight whiskers, this brush will ensure that every strand is gently disentangled and neatly styled. The two bristle types provide the perfect balance of strength for detangling and softness for comfortable skin stimulation, improving beard health and appearance.

Enhance your daily grooming ritual with this stylish, functional brush. Engraved with the iconic Morgan's logo, the brush's handle adds a sophisticated touch to your grooming toolkit, making it not just a tool but part of your decor. Regular use helps to spread beard oils and balms evenly, ensuring that every hair is nourished and the skin underneath remains healthy and itch-free. It's an essential accessory for anyone who takes their beard care seriously, promoting not only style but also the well-being of your beard.

Key Features:
  • Blends natural and synthetic bristles for optimum grooming.
  • Ideal for detangling and styling any type of beard.
  • Gently stimulates the skin to promote healthy beard growth.
  • Helps distribute grooming products evenly over the beard.
  • Features an engraved Morgan's logo for a touch of elegance.
  • Durable and designed for everyday use.

Vegetarian and allergy information:
The brush is made from both natural and synthetic materials and is suitable for vegetarians. It does not contain any products of animal origin.

Safety Information:
Make sure to clean the brush regularly. Avoid harsh chemicals that may damage the bristles. Keep out of the reach of children.

Ideal for:
The Morgan's Beard Fade Brush is perfect for everyone from the beginner to the expert. It is particularly suitable for those who wish to maintain a neat, healthy beard while ensuring an even application of beard care products.

How to use:
Gently brush through the beard, starting at the neckline and working up towards the cheeks. On a dry or slightly damp beard, use short upward strokes to detangle and style. For best results, apply beard oil or balm before brushing.

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Morgan's - Beard Large Fade Brush
Morgan's - Beard Large Fade Brush Sale price£12.99 GBP

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