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Perma-Sharp - Single Edge Razor Blades (100pcs)

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Unlock the secret to a flawless shave with Perma-Sharp Single Edge Razor Blades, available in a convenient 100-blade pack. Each blade is precision-engineered to provide an exceptionally sharp edge, making each stroke remarkably smooth and efficient. Made from premium stainless steel, these blades guarantee durability and consistent performance, ensuring a close shave without the discomfort of pulling or irritation. Perfect for those who demand precision and reliability from their grooming tools, Perma-Sharp blades are the ideal choice to enhance your daily shaving ritual.

Take your shaving to the next level with Perma-Sharp's advanced Smooth Glide Technology. Designed to provide a smooth, irritation-free experience, these blades glide effortlessly across your skin for a clean, close shave every time. As well as offering great value, the bulk pack ensures that you are equipped with high quality blades that will retain their edge shave after shave. Compatible with most single edge razors, Perma-Sharp blades offer a versatile solution to both traditional and modern shaving needs, making them a must for any grooming kit.

Key Features:

  • Engineered for ultra-precision to ensure a clean, close shave with minimal passes.
  • Constructed from high quality stainless steel for increased durability and long lasting use.
  • Bulk pack of 100 shavers offers excellent value and long-term convenience.
  • Features Smooth Glide Technology for a comfortable, no-rub shave.
  • Designed to fit most single edge razors.
  • Precision engineered to reduce pulling and discomfort, enhancing the shaving experience.

Safety information:
Handle blades with care as they are extremely sharp and can cause injury.
Dispose of blades responsibly in a sharps container to prevent accidents.
Keep out of the reach of children and pets for safety.
Use with proper shaving technique to maximise effectiveness and reduce the risk of cuts.

Ideal for:
Perma-Sharp single edge razor blades are perfect for anyone looking for a professional shaving experience. Ideal for home users and professional barbers alike, these blades satisfy the need for a precise, smooth shave. They are particularly suitable for those with sensitive skin who require a blade that minimises irritation and provides a comfortable shave.

How to use:
Prepare your skin with warm water and shaving cream to soften the hairs.
Insert a blade into your razor according to the manufacturer's instructions.
Shave with the grain of the hair, using light, even strokes to reduce irritation.
Rinse the blade frequently to prevent clogging and ensure a smooth shave.
After shaving, rinse your skin with cold water and apply aftershave to soothe and protect.
Store the blades in a dry place to maintain their sharpness and longevity.

Technical Details:
Product Type: Razor Blades
Pack Quantity: 100 pieces
Material: High grade stainless steel
Coating: Advanced polymer for smooth glide
Compatibility: Fits most single edge razors
Packaging: Individually wrapped for safety and hygiene

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Perma-Sharp - Single Edge Razor Blades (100pcs)
Perma-Sharp - Single Edge Razor Blades (100pcs) Sale price£7.39 GBP