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StyleCraft - SC Rebel Super Torque Modular Clipper

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Take your styling to the next level with the StyleCraft SC Rebel Super Torque Modular Clipper, your ultimate tool for flawless fades and precise cuts. This powerful clipper is powered by a robust 7,200 rpm motor that cuts through any hair type with ease, while maintaining low noise and minimal vibration for a more comfortable experience. Its modular design allows for extensive customisation with three interchangeable body kits in vibrant colours and a bold Rebel logo, allowing you to personalise your tool to match your professional aesthetic.

Take your cutting to the next level with the innovative features of the StyleCraft SC Rebel. Equipped with Black Diamond blades engineered for exceptional sharpness, cooling and rust resistance, your clipper will perform at its best for longer. The versatile adjustment lever offers both freestyle and click-taper settings, giving you the flexibility to switch between precision fades and smoother cuts with ease. With a long-lasting lithium-ion battery for up to two hours of cordless operation, this clipper combines functionality with endurance, making it an essential part of any stylist's toolkit.

Key Features

  • Equipped with a high-torque 7,200 rpm motor for powerful, efficient cutting.
  • Features Black Diamond blades for superior durability, cooling and sharpness.
  • Includes three customisable body kits in pink, blue or black to match your style.
  • Adjustable control lever allows both click and freestyle taper settings.
  • Lithium-ion battery provides up to 2 hours of continuous cordless use.
  • Comes with eight magnetic guards for a secure fit and precise length control.

Safety Information
Always ensure the clipper is switched off and unplugged when not in use or during maintenance. Avoid exposure to water to prevent damage and potential hazards. Clean and oil the blades regularly to maintain optimum performance and longevity. Store in a cool, dry place to prolong battery life.

Ideal for
The StyleCraft SC Rebel is ideal for professional hairdressers and stylists who demand precision, versatility and performance from their clippers. Its advanced features and customisable options also make it the perfect choice for beauty school students and hair enthusiasts looking to bring professional-grade tools to their personal grooming practices.

How to use
Fully charge the clipper before first use. Select the desired body kit and attach it to the clipper. Select the appropriate guard size and attach securely. Use the lever to select the Freestyle or Click Taper option according to your cutting preference. Switch on the clipper and start cutting against the grain for clean, even results. Clean the blade and guards after use and store the clipper safely.

Technical Details
Product Code: SC-REBEL
Motor speed: 7,200 rpm
Blade type: Black Diamond
Battery type: Lithium-ion
Battery life: Up to 2 hours
Charging time: Approximately 1.5 hours
Mode of operation: Cordless
Included accessories: Three body kits, eight magnetic guards

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StyleCraft - SC Rebel Super Torque Modular Clipper
StyleCraft - SC Rebel Super Torque Modular Clipper Sale price£178.99 GBP