Eson was founded in 2010 to provide barbers all over the UK with high quality products and tools. As a salon supplier we proudly stock the biggest names of the barbering and hairdressing industry.

We have exclusive sales rights and contracts with many global brands for necessary salon & barber cosmetic products, salon goods, barber & hairdresser tools, salon furniture etc… To all UK Salons as a direct first hand supplier with competitive prices. Our distributorship contracts are continuing to grow every day.

Eson Limited is Gabri, Fonex Cosmetic and Gummy Professional’s one and only UK OFFICIAL STOCK KEEPER..!

As Eson Direct UK Ltd. we also produce and/or import hand picked, top quality salon accessories, units, chairs, electricals, hair styling, face & body care and grooming products for all our professional UK barber shops and hairdressers.

Our warehouses are based in Newcastle, Manchester and London, our online shopping website is pleased to assist all our United Kingdom customers.