The Fascinating history of Barber Poles

With the arrival of our new range of Barber Poles we decided to take a look into the history of Barber Poles and how they became a household feature of barbershops across the world.  Our stunning large centrepiece Barberpole The history is more gruesome than you might expect – with the colours originating from the […]

Eson Direct – The official (and only) Gummy Professional distributor in the UK!

Eson Direct

  Ever since Eson Direct secured the rights to be the official distributor of Gummy Professional in the UK we have served thousands of happy customers and countless Barbers & Salons up and down the country! Our unique position on the market allows us to offer our customers great prices, big discounts and huge bulk […]

The Story of Turkish Lemon Cologne (Limon Kolonyası)

If you’ve ever been to a Turkish Barbers then the familiar soothing aroma of Turkish lemon cologne will probably be a familiar one. We get a lot of customers asking us “what is that lemon smell in a Turkish Barbers?!” – the answer: Lemon Cologne – or Limon Kolonya. Seen as an essential in every […]

The Benefits of Keratin Hair Gel & Wax

While browsing our products you might have come across some items containing Keratin – but what exactly is Keratin, and what are the benefits if any?    The most championed results of sustained Keratin use is the ability for it to bring smooth, manageable properties to your hair. This is because Keratin works by smoothing […]

Treatment Tips for Dry Hair

Let’s start with some treatment tips for dry hair; Your hair can become dry due to air pollution, sea, sun or many other reasons. In such times, you can use hair care masks or hot oil treatments to prevent the proliferation of fractures, soften and shine your hair. If you are looking for a faster […]

What should we pay attention to before going to a barber?

What should we pay attention to before going to a barber for a haircut? Haircut is a procedure that requires serious attention and is performed at certain time intervals. Although this process is very important for women, it is a point that men do not hang out too much. In fact, there are certain processes […]