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WAHL Super Trimmer

£105.00 Inc. VAT

The rechargeable Wahl Super Trimmer boasts a quiet, smooth and powerful rotary motor.

£179.00 Inc. VAT

With a close cutting, extra-wide T-Shaped gold blade to enable straighter shape-ups and produce faster cutting results than standard trimmer blades.

£135.00 Inc. VAT

Looking for a reason to upgrade your shaver game? The 5 Star Vanish is it.

£103.00 Inc. VAT

Perfect for precision trimming.

£225.00 Inc. VAT

Andis GTX-EXO Cordless Lithium-Ion Trimmer Elevate your technique. The GTX-EXO trimmer lets you execute tighter details and design work without sacrificing personal touch. New Technology:  GTX-Z blade pre-set with aggressive gap eliminates need for zero gapping. Features:  New Blade position creates better sight lines to the cutting surface which assists in precision detailing. New GTX-Z Blade allows for extra-close [...]

£89.99 Inc. VAT

Special edition Wahl Detailer bonus pack.

Out of stock
£24.99 Inc. VAT

Replacement Extra Wide T-Shaped trimmer blade.

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£14.99 Inc. VAT

Wahl Detail Trimmer kit.

£89.90 Inc. VAT

Complete with an ultimate performance high speed motor which has an rpm of 6400 for quick and clean cutting ideal for all hair types.

£25.00 Inc. VAT

Fits all Wahl full size clipper blades except for Competition Series blades.