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Fonex Cosmetics exports to 50 countries under Gummy and Ceylinn Professional brands, available in 105.000 points of sale worldwide, satisfying needs of Professional users. Gummy Professional products including men hair care, hair styling, pre-shave, shave, and after-shave products are exported to professional users in European Union countries, in particular, including Germany, United Kingdom, Spain, France, Italy, and Netherlands; and also The United States of America and South America, as well as Middle East countries including Iran, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia in particular.

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This easy and effective ten-in-one product works as a lubricant, cleaner, coolant and rust preventer

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Suitable for all kinds of blades from scissors to trimmers.

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Fonex FNX Barber Alum Stone by Ali Biyikli Cilt Sapi Another classic product from Ali Biyikli. This super-affordable alum is very popular in Turkey. Alum is widely used in traditional wet shaving as an aftershave product. It’s a colorless and odorless astringent compound chemically known as aluminum potassium sulfate. Directions of use: Rinse your face [...]

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Perfect for barbers and/or anyone wanting to try the range and find their perfect gel. Box options available with discounted prices directly from UK Gummy Official Distributor! FREE DELIVERY