Gabri @ Edinburgh Great British Barber Bash June ‘23

Picture this: it’s a warm Sunday morning in late June and the Gabri Professional vans are rolling into Edinburgh for the Great British Barber Bash. The Scottish Summer sun successfully beats through a thin smattering of clouds and the day begins to promise a visual treat as Barbers of all stripes – and from all corners of the world – converge on Edinburgh to compete, learn and consume all things Barber

A calm buzz fills the air as the Gabri Professional team wheels in their custom display for the show. Cabinets & shelves proudly adorned with the Gabri Professional name and logo begin to consume our corner of the room, and an imposing (yet inviting) banquet of Barbering tools are thoughtfully laid out in anticipation of the Barbering industry professionals who were about to enter.

If there’s one thing that Gabri Professional appreciates above all it’s the classic Barbershop: a staple of local communities, a place where both lighthearted and serious discussions fill the air; where memories are prepared and signed with the seal of a clipper or detailer. If a big event is on your horizon then a call to the Barbershop is perhaps that first step, that first sign; the moment that seals your anticipation and prepares you before you embark on that journey whether it be a job interview or a long-awaited week in the sun.

Reeled in by the allure of our tempting Gabri Barber Cologne series – especially the brand new Gabri No: 6 Cologne that has just dropped – Barbers were quickly in their element as they sampled our scents and took in our various new ranges designed with them in mind. 

All eyes were on our world-famous hair styling powder – now in brand new packaging – which has taken the British Barbering scene by storm. Giving Barbers the freedom to style a client’s hair without any sticky mess, Gabri Professional Styling Powder is a cut above and helps add a more premium experience to your cut. 

The crowning glory of the Gabri station was our spot dedicated to Barbers – with two chairs where they were free to express themselves and showcase their hair-cutting prowess. 

To seal the deal they then had a full arsenal of Gabri Professional products at hand to add that finishing touch, with the new Gabri Casual Matte coming out as a firm favourite for a casual yet styled look. Available by the box load exclusively from Eson Direct, the Gabri Casual Matte Look wax has a subtle, non-shine matte effect with a firm finishing hold, allowing for extremely styled haircuts to look casual and effortless.

From Gabri duster brushes to Gabri hair sprays, Barbers of all skill levels made use of Gabri Professional products at the Barber Bash to showcase their latest Barbering abilities and techniques. The aim of Gabri Professional is to cater to a Barbers every need: offering high quality, tried & trusted products at competitive, affordable prices – offering professional Barbering for every budget.

Gabri Professional works closely alongside Eson Direct – offering Barbers a one-stop shop for everything from a luxurious, modern barber chair to a simple hair wax.

Having spent the day bringing the good word of Gabri to the people of Scotland the team was satisfied to see streams of people leaving with Gabri Professional merchandise. It’s events like this that help us get word out to the Barbers of Great Britain: letting them familiarise themselves with our products to ultimately give us key feedback so we can better serve you and your establishment.

Whether you’re looking for your perfect hair wax or you’re looking to fit an entire Barbershop from top to bottom, Gabri Professional is a leading UK brand that strives to meet your every need in partnership with Eson Direct. Interested in stocking Gabri Professional at your establishment? Give us a call or email us here.

Watch the highlights from Gabri @ The Great British Barber Bash below:


Onwards and upwards – see you in Liverpool!


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