Gabri Professional Rainbow Series Hair Wax – Best Hair Gel Wax To Try in 2023

Introducing the latest Rainbow Series from Gabri Professional. Formulated by industry experts in Turkey, this latest offering brings together sleek colour-coded minimalist packaging with finely tuned formulas that offer consumers professional levels of hair styling. Each wax has a unique scent & varying hold and shine properties, allowing you to find your best match! Ever find yourself asking which hair wax should I use? What’s the best hair wax for me? Then look no further than our ultimate Gabri Rainbow Series guide.



Gabri Professional was established to serve the Barbering industry, and if there’s one thing that is key to each barber it’s that signature style. With Gabri Professional Hair Waxes you can find the wax that not just fits your style but the entire vibe of your shop thanks to the colour-coded system. Attention to detail is key, and having a running theme throughout your establishment adds the the experience and feel of your shop.


Gabri Professional Bright Finish – Orange

Long-lasting firm hold / Stunning bright finish / Sweet tropical fruit scent

Gabri Bright Finish comes in an attractive orange tub to match its attractive sweet tropical fruit scent. Offering a firm hold that lasts all day, Gabri Bright Finish gives users that desired bright glossy finish to their sculptured look. With an aqua wax formula that allows for extreme hairstyles, Gabri Bright finish adds that final shimmering touch that crowns your style: perfectly portraying the time and effort you’ve spent styling your hair.

Gabri Professional Casual Matte Look – Grey

For natural styles and finishes / Adds texture and volume / Sweet fruit salad scent / Super high hold that lasts all day

Gabri Casual Matte Look hair wax comes in a cool grey tub ready for action. Sporting a sweet fruit salad scent and a long-lasting formula, this matte wax is ideal for those that like styled hair but minimal fuss. Achieve a casual look with Gabri Casual Matte look! With a super high hold you can make any style look effortless thanks to the clean finish of the matte wax formula. Add texture, volume and most importantly flair with Gabri Casual Look.

Gabri Professional Bubblegum Strong – Blue

Long-lasting strong hold / Wet-look shine / Iconic original Bubblegum scent

Gabri Bubblegum Strong does what it says on the tin. Strong? You bet. Bubblegum? We’ve got you covered! Gabri Bubblegum Strong comes in an iconic blue tub that oozes that classic, traditional bubblegum style. The aroma once you unscrew the lid instantly brings back memories of childhood thanks to that classic bubblegum scent. With a strong hold that lasts all day and a wet-look finish, this is a firm aqua wax favourite with Barbers & consumers alike.

Gabri Professional Edge Control – Yellow

 Long-lasting hard hold / Super strength Edge Control formula / Glossy finish / Sweet fruit salad scent

Gabri Edge Control hair wax was designed with afro hair in mind. Thanks to a formula specially engineered for a longer-lasting extra hold, Gabri Edge Control‘s design allows for intricate styles and hair-precise grooming to make difficult hairstyles a breeze. Topped off with a classic glossy shine and luxuriously sweet fruit salad scent, Gabri Edge Control wax is perfect to maintain your sleek style all day long.

Gabri Professional Gloss Finish – Purple

Long-lasting strong hold / Extra gloss finish / Sweet forest fruits scent

Gabri Gloss Finish is the perfect tool for those who seek to always look sleek and stylish. The delicious forest fruits scent perfectly matches the purple colour of the tub. The long-lasting strong hold allows for effortless styles that last all day, finished off by that signature aqua wax glossy finish that leaves you looking and feeling like one cool customer.

Gabri Professional Matte Finish – Green

Natural matte finish / Strong long-lasting hold / Sweet coconut scent / Enriched with keratin

Gabri Matte Finish offers a unique formula that has an incredibly firm, long-lasting hold alongside a subtle matte finish. This allows for unique, intricate and sculpted looks without any cosmetic shine or gloss, giving a classic natural look to your style. Enriched with keratin to help nourish your hair, Gabri Matte Finish will keep you coming back for more with it’s rich luscious coconut scent that smells effortlessly good.

Gabri Professional Spider Wax – Sky Blue

Long-lasting, firm yet flexible hold /Moderate shine / Increased volume / Improved texture

Gabri Spider Wax is the most unique wax offering from Gabri Professional. Our spider wax gets its name thanks to the stringy, web-like texture of the formula. This allows for it to build up in your hair and create a volumising, structure building texture that gives your hair real elasticity – this flexible hold will maintain your desired style but give it a more natural look. Perfect for experimental looks and stress-free casual styles.

Gabri Professional Ultra Strong Shine – Red

Long-lasting ultra hold / Ultra shine finish / Sweet strawberry scent

Gabri Ultra Strong Shine has a delicious strawberry aroma to match the snazzy red tub. Combined with a strong ultra hold that lasts all day, this formula can cope with just about any extreme style you throw at it. Topped off with a classic wet-look as that cherry on top for your desired look, Gabri Ultra Strong Shine is a firm favourite for barbers that want that classic all-in-one wax.


Why go with Gabri Professional Hair Waxes?

Having forged a cult following through supplying Barbers nationwide, Gabri Professional has become a household name thanks to its quality and consistency. This new gel-wax series seeks to pinpoint all the key offerings currently on the market and expand upon them with improved formulas gained from years in the industry. Lastly, each wax was formulated to last all day and wash out with ease – ensuring a worry-free “good hair day” every day. 

  • Unique contemporary formulas for the best results on the market
  • Non-intrusive scents give a premium finish & feel over traditional sterile cosmetic scents
  • Minimalist packaging that suits establishments of all stripes
  • Colour-coded packaging which stacks with ease for displays
  • Combines the best of traditional gel/wax solutions
  • Washes out with ease

Looking to stock Gabri Professional in your own establishment? We offer special discounts for those in the trade, so what are you waiting for? Click here to get in touch and enquire about stocking Gabri Professional products.


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