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Ever since Eson Direct secured the rights to be the official distributor of Gummy Professional in the UK we have served thousands of happy customers and countless Barbers & Salons up and down the country!

Our unique position on the market allows us to offer our customers great prices, big discounts and huge bulk savings on top of free delivery. As a Gummy Professional wholesaler we have reps who serve the trade up and down the country – so if you own a barbershop or salon don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll be able to work with you on a much closer basis – offering you first-class service & unbeatable value when it comes to Barber & Salon supplies.

The Gummy Professional brand has become a household name and a truly indispensable choice for salons, barbers & consumers alike across the world.

This has resulted in a wealth of products that cater to your every need: from hair gel to cologne & beard oil, Gummy Professional fills that niche of masculine male grooming for the modern man. The hair gels & waxes have such a potent mix and intricate formula that they’ve become a unisex solution in terms of hair management, control, & styling. With such an unbeatable reputation Gummy Professional overextends and attracts those even outside its target market – such is the appeal of a trusted, well-recognised brand.

In the coming months we’ll be looking at specific Gummy professional products here at Eson Direct, such as the hidden gem that is Gummy Plus, or the diverse range of professional styling waxes that cater to just about your every need.

Check out our Gummy Professional selection here!

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