The Benefits of Keratin Hair Gel & Wax

While browsing our products you might have come across some items containing Keratin – but what exactly is Keratin, and what are the benefits if any? 


The most championed results of sustained Keratin use is the ability for it to bring smooth, manageable properties to your hair. This is because Keratin works by smoothing down the cells that overlap to form your hair strands. Hair cells essentially absorb the Keratin, producing a visibly full look and glossy finish to your hair. Naturally this makes Keratin ideal for maintaining curly hair; fighting frizz while making your hair easier to style & straighter in appearance.


Keratin use can range from full-on intensive treatments – which are expensive and take days to conduct – to simply using Keratin enriched products in your daily routine. Eson Direct stocks #Gummy hair products enriched with Keratin – in your preferred hair styling choice of either Matte Wax or maximum hold Hair Gel.


Gummy Professional Hair Styling Wax Matte Keratin

The Gummy Styling Wax line is incredibly popular, offering a wealth of diversity in hair styling choice. The Keratin variety is a matte wax that provides supreme hold & shape – and thanks to the added Keratin it’s perfect for the health-conscious who’re looking for a hair wax that won’t damage their hair. This wax nourishes your hair while performing all the functions you’d expect from a hair wax – an unbeatable 2 in 1 hair wax only from Gummy!


Gummy Professional Hair Gel Keratin

Gummy Professional Hair Gel uses a tried & tested formula for maximum hold & extreme look. The Gummy Hair Gel range is known for a deep, masculine scent and traditional hair gel hold & look. Once again for the health-conscious, what sets this hair gel aside is the “care” aspect of nourishing your hair while performing all the duties of a standard hair gel.

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