Causes of Hair Loss in Men

Hair loss and baldness is a genetic or subsequent problem. Although it is not possible to deliver this solution with 100% guarantee, many solutions are being worked on by experts. So what are the main reasons for this problem? Today we will look for answers to this question. Here are the main reasons for hair loss according to experts;

Hormones: Female and male hormone is very active causes hair loss. For example, hair loss during pregnancy is very common in pregnant women. The main reason for this is the disorder in hormones.

Vitamin Deficiency: Vitamin B and vitamin A are responsible for the strength of the hair. The more vitamin B and the less vitamin A, the more resistant the hair and the less the problem of shedding. Therefore, the balance of vitamins in the body must be balanced, so balanced nutrition is essential.

Elderly: The reason for this has not been fully discovered by the experts yet, but baldness and hair loss have been observed in later years. The basis of this is the decrease of protein and the decrease of hormonal production level in the elderly body.

Stress: Our emotions play a major role in the control of our hormones. In this way, protein, vitamins and many more values ​​are in control. Indirectly causes hair loss.

Chemotherapy and Antidepressant: Chemotherapy used in the treatment of cancer destroys hair cells, leading to hair loss. In antidepressants, some chemicals disrupt the balance of the body and may damage the hair cells. This leads to hair loss.

Use of chemical hair care products: Jelly, spray and similar hair care products deteriorate the health of people and if not cleaned regularly, it causes hair loss in the future. Shapes given to hair and hard combs can increase hair loss.

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